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Yeşilova Holding, which has been processing aluminum since 1975, hosts works that add value to aluminum with its talented employees.

Yeşilova Holding, which has been processing aluminum, which has been described as the most environmentally friendly metal for more than 46 years, continues to use aluminum, which can be recycled endlessly, in different areas with the innovative perspective of its employees. Yeşilova Holding Board Member Yasemin Yeşilova mentioned that aluminum is a very valuable metal and said, "We have been intertwined with aluminum for many years. We are witnessing its journey from its raw form to a tangible product, and in this process, our scrap products come out. With our Industrial Design Specialist, Pelin Hanım, we thought about how we can evaluate this metal, which draws attention with its endless recyclability, and focused on a work that will be identified with Yeşilova". Yasemin Yeşilova continued her words as follows: "Ms. Pelin, He created the 'tree' symbol, which symbolizes Yeşilova's rootedness from past years. We thank him very much for this carefully prepared work."

Pelin Sezgin Güvenaltın, who is a graduate of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University and worked at Can Aluminum as Industrial Design Responsible, stated that she evaluated scrap/waste aluminum and said, "I thought about what kind of product could be produced by examining the scrap materials we have. In this context, by doing research on aluminum sculptures, I examined what kind of works have been done before and what kind of applications were built on them."

Güvenaltın, who stated that she wanted to create a work that represents Yeşilova's strength from the past, said, "I went through the tree design in order to reflect Yeşilova Holding, which comes from a deep-rooted past. I prepared the branches by bending the thin scraps, and for the trunk, I preferred perforated plates that can be bent. I can say that this work was prepared entirely by hand bending without the use of any tools. In the coming period, we will implement different studies in our other companies," he said.