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Oil-based solutions
Since ancient times, wood has been treated with different types of oil: the porous nature of the wood allows the oil to penetrate deeply into the fibers, not only reviving its colors and veins, but also protecting it from changes in humidity.
Borma Wachs knows the importance of this step in wood care. Thanks to years of experience in the field and research in the laboratory, he has developed a line of products based on natural oils ideal for the care of indoor furniture with VOC-free treatments (zero emissions). In fact, the range ranges from hard-top solutions for elements in contact with food to products for outdoor areas more exposed to the elements.
We started this section by talking about the porosity of wood: however, those who work with essences know very well the difference in terms of porosity and absorption between a fir and a mahogany. This is why we remind you that our technical data sheets also contain all the recommendations on how to optimize each treatment and on which are the best accessories to always obtain a perfect result.
Rely on Borma Wachs to make sure your wood is always beautiful and protected: in addition to pure oil-based impregnating products, you can find integrated solutions with precious resins and waxes, to provide surfaces with the best natural protection.
We put at your disposal numerous solutions based on natural wax, essential to fully enhance the beauty of wooden furnishings. Thanks to our passion and dedication, it takes very little to ensure a long life and a fantastic appearance for your wooden elements: at Borma Wachs you really find everything you need!