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Meridien Hardwoods of Pennsylvania uses TallyExpress, the app that tallies bundles with a smartphone. Brandon Ferman, General Manager for Meridien, explains why they made the change and the effect on Meridien's business.

What kind of solution were you looking for?

Brandon: We wanted a photo tally system that worked on a smartphone, but I didn't think we'd find anything. I was really surprised when we found TallyExpress.

What's so important about smartphones?

Brandon: It gives us flexibility. We can tally the pack of lumber anywhere on the yard. Plus, most people already know how to use a smartphone. That makes this a pretty simple system to learn.

Have your counts changed?

Brandon: No, our footage is still what we expect month to month, but we were always confident in our accuracy. The bigger value is being able to back up our tallies with a picture. It just eliminates uncertainty. Our customers really like being able to see them.

Any surprise benefits?

Brandon: Yes. It's freed up lumber tallier, Tim. Before, he might be tallying all day. Now, it takes a few seconds per pack. He's spending quite a bit more time driving a lift truck and helping load or unload kilns. It's certainly helped us use his time more efficiently.

Does your team like the app?

Brandon: [laughs] Not at first. At first, Tim was like, Brandon, this won't work. I have to spend ten minutes on every pack and edit every bundle. But part of TallyExpress is it learns. It actually figures out what you want it to do. The more we used it, the more accurate it became. Now, we hardly ever need to edit any boards. And my yard managers love using it. They'd recommend it to anyone.

About Meridien Hardwoods:

Meridien Hardwoods of Pennsylvania is a concentration yard located in northwestern PA handling approximately 15,000,000 BF of hardwoods yearly. It currently has a kiln capacity of 250,000-ft., Walnut steaming capacity of 60,000-ft., and 1,000,000-ft. of dry storage. Meridien also offers surfacing and straight line ripping facilities.

Meridien Hardwoods strives to be a worldwide supplier of Northern and Appalachian US Hardwoods while currently serving customers in North America, Europe and Asia.

Find out more about how TallyExpress can work for you at tallyexpress.com