Sonae Arauco

Contatto: Sig. Simon Drath
Leonardo-Da-Vinci Weg 4
Germania - 32760 Detmold
Tel +49 5231 6161121
Padiglione 7 - Stand A37

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Meppen, 5th of October 2022 - Sonae Arauco will present its highlights for the furniture industry at SICAM 2022, including numerous products that will be presented for the first time. With the motto "Shaping the future", the international wood-based materials manufacturer is particularly targeting its sustainable solutions in terms of design and the environment.

The design product portfolio particularly picks up on the new understanding of the home, which has gained a special, very personal appreciation through the pandemic guideline "Stay at home". Whether inside or outside their own home, people long for places that offer security, safety and a sense of well-being. Natural design elements, such as wood in combination with muted unicolours, can contribute significantly to creating such places.
How exactly a trend-oriented design of interiors can be made possible is demonstrated by Sonae Arauco with its innovative existing themes as well as with current new developments from Innovus. The innovations were created with a "sustainable design concept approach", which is playing an increasingly important role globally.

The "SICAM 2022 novelties", a selection of natural wood decor variants combined with stone, metal or even abstract surface looks and textured haptics, are in perfect harmony with the range of plain colours. An excellent example of an authentic material experience is, for example, Karlstad Oak Pale, with the Flow texture: an oak, in transition from rusticity to elegance, whereby the naturally existing features such as grains, cracks and colour runs blend seamlessly into the overall picture. These were deliberately not highlighted, as it was common in recent years. With natural colour play in fine contrast, Karlstad Oak Pale appears in a very light, natural colouring with gentle tone variations. These provide modulation and at the same time create a balanced appearance. In combination with the Flow texture, this creates not only a trendy matt, but also a furniture surface with a feel-good character that can be experienced haptically.
The unique combination of sustainability, design and innovation ultimately enables not only a good lifestyle, but also a more sustainable future. This is confirmed for Innovus MFC, among others, by the Green Product Award 2022.

At SICAM, Sonae Arauco will present concrete application approaches for its innovative wood fibre composite material for compression moulding: For example, 3DF - Three Dimensional Fiberboard enables applications such as individual deep structures in the furniture surface or elegant arches and curves in the furniture element. In addition, the surface of 3DF is very homogeneously closed after the pressing process and is therefore perfectly suited for lacquering. It can also be coated with flexible CPL or with foil directly during the moulding process.
These and other product highlights from Sonae Arauco will be presented in Hall 7, Stand A37 at SICAM 2022 in Podenone, Italy.