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We present our new FLYSCH drawer. This drawer is designed and manufactured in our facilities in Getaria (Spain/Europe). With it, we have sought maximum sustainability and competitiveness, thanks to the optimization of materials and production processes, without forgetting the most important thing: to adapt to the needs of our customers.

Our inspiration has been our land, rich in diversity but at the same time simple, with a very marked industrial DNA, integrated in its natural environment. The FLYSCH cliffs have led us to develop a straight and refined aesthetic, reminiscent of the strata of the earth.

The FLYSCH drawer is inspired by the shapes of our coastline. It offers 4 side heights and a wide range of depths, allowing it to be adapted to all household needs. Its 3D adjustment allows for a perfect fit, particularly in the case of high fronts. The two load capacities available (30 and 50 kgs) open up a wide range of possibilities for our customers, depending on the desired positioning.

The simple, streamlined design allows for adaptability, whatever the desired aesthetics. The standard colours allow them to be integrated into our customers' creations, without detracting from their prominence. Moreover, the local production and flexibility of our facilities offer the possibility of customising the colour of the sides.

As part of our commitment to sustainability and continuous improvement, we have prioritised the optimisation of components and the use of recycled materials. Likewise, our commitment to investment in new generation production lines ensures a high level of energy efficiency, together with the use of 100% certified energy from renewable sources. The choice of material suppliers has been made on the basis of this value, prioritising local and European partners.

FLYSCH has been conceived from the prism of circular economy and we are in the process of certifying it as a green label product.

With FLYSCH we offer our customers a European solution with a mid-range thin-walled drawer. Through this approach, we simplify the logistical life of our customers by offering a product with a stable supply chain. Our location in Europe allows us to adapt quickly to customer needs and socio-political situations, as well as ensuring stability in terms of currency.

Our ISO 9001 certified quality system and our membership of the European Committee for Standardisation provide assurance and confidence in the quality and specifications of our products, as well as the rigour of our quality assurance.

Manufacturing on new generation production lines allows us to optimise production costs, as well as regularity and stability in the manufacturing processes.

A complete range:
- A side design, inspired by the landscapes of our surroundings.
- 4 drawer heights, reminiscent of the strata of our FLYSCH coastline and therefore of our land.
- 8 depths, to always have the right and optimal size.
- 3 colours (and even more possibilities), to blend in with the furniture as it blends in with its surroundings.
- 2 types of back panels, wood or metal, to be able to combine all the different ways of building a piece of furniture.
- 2 load capacities, in order to always have the required level of quality.
- Delivery in kit or industrial packaging, because with FLYSCH we want to provide solutions to all our customers.