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The decorative market growing demand for low gloss surfaces and CPL products , lead to the development of Gentas G-Zero Flex .

Gentas during the last years produces Ultra Matt surfaces in our HPL lines ( Branded as Gentas ZERO )

The growing demand for CPL products in combination with Ultra Matt surface , leaded to the development of G-Zero Flex - A combined product produced in CPL and in Ultra Matt surface .

Standard CPL product is constructed from 2 main layers :

- Top Decorative surface : Constructed from decorative paper impregnated with Melamine resin
- Bottom core surface : Constructed from Kraft paper impregnated with Phenolic resin

As melamine surface yield inferior surface quality Vs. Acrylic surface , Gentas G-Zero Flex was developed in order to incorporate acrylic decorative surface and production in CPL line .

In order to do so , Special formulated acrylic resin combined with special production technique was developed and as a result , Gentas G-Zero Flex is available in a wide range of decors and a wide range of technical advantages .

G-Zero Flex CPL decorative surface feature the following advantages :

- Soft Ultra Matt surface
- Low gloss level ( down to gloss level 1.5 @ 60° )
- High Scratch resistance
- High abrasion resistance
- Post Formable laminate ( PF HGP grade )
- Available in sheet and / or rolls
- Superior resistance to household and industrial chemicals
- Finger Print Free
- High Micro Scratch resistance
- Self healing (thermal healing) the surface can be repaired in case of slight scratches
- Ultra Matt finger print free structured finishes

All the above advantages result from the unique surface quality that could not be achieved in case of standard CPL melamine base surface


- Home and Office furnitures
- Kitchen cabinets
- Table tops
- Cabnets
- Interior wall claddings
- Schools
- Hospitals and health care facilities
- Laboratories
- Restaurants