The right location


Satisfied exhibitors return every year and often increase their investments in a trade fair: this is a well-known fact in the world of trade fairs. Producing a successful event means, first and foremost, knowing exactly what the exhibitors need and knowing how to do what is required to guarantee their visibility to buyers, architects, and designers from all over the world. This is the principle which has always inspired the work of the SICAM team: from promotion throughout the world in order to acquire high profile visits to looking after the smallest details in the stand set-up and services to ensure the best working conditions. The level of loyalty testifies the efficiency of this layout.
Because SICAM is a trade fair for business!


SICAM shows that the success of a trade fair nowadays is based on its effectiveness. If business is to be the only worry of those attending an event, it is vital that the organisers look after everything else. Services to exhibitors, logistics, set-up, communication, catering, signs, assistance to visitors, hospitality, relations with local accommodation structures, promotion: SICAM is the full package of all of these elements, all of these activities which make it an excellent format from every point of view.
Because SICAM is simple and quick to organise!


A successful trade fair should offer the most complete and thorough shop window of the production of the sectors being hosted, while highlighting aspects of innovation and design. Alongside all the big worldwide names in hardware, over the years SICAM has presented at Pordenone the best global producers in paper and decorations, doors, wood, panels, components, devices, domestic appliances, veneers, equipment and materials for upholstery, abrasives, glues, paints, fabric and leather.
Because at SICAM you find everything you need to build furniture!


Every edition of SICAM presents new and important international companies which enrichen the exhibition panel of the trade fair, making it ever more complete and representative of the best the components and accessories sector has to offer the market. The promotion of consolidated markets and the development of emerging markets are the basis of the communication strategy implemented methodologically since the first edition: visitors to Pordenone include new entrepreneurs from Northern Africa, the former Soviet republics, the ASEAN area, and from Central America, as well as from all the countries which historically comprise the axis of the event, including Germany, Northern European countries, Russia, and so on.
Because it is essential to involve the whole world!


The secret to the success of SICAM lies in an optimal mix of ingredients, the most important of which is represented by the team: from the organisation staff to the catering service, those in charge of setting up the stands, the staff of Pordenone Fiere, couriers, and cleaning and security services. This tried-and-trusted team is made up of people who know each other well and have been working side by side for some time now. Professionalism, harmony in working methods, and knowledge of the demands and situations are the elements that guarantee the perfect functioning of the SICAM “machine” every year.
Working together for a trade fair that is a success for everyone!


SICAM’s partnership with Pordenone Fiere is vital. It is a well-sized trade fair area in the heart of a district where over 40% of Italian furniture is manufactured, easy to reach by motorway, railway, and airplane (the Venice and Treviso international airports with their full offering of destinations and low-cost flights are linked to the trade fair by a special shuttle service). The Livenza Furniture District is a city and an area that offer many attractions, with an adequate hotel supply and top quality cultural, food and wine, and architectural heritage.
SICAM is at the heart of the furniture industry!