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Today, wheels are the most important means of mobility, so they are very important, so you have to be very careful in choosing wheels. Wheels must have a unique feature to give you comfort and peace of mind. In addition, unique materials that can be easily rotated should be used in its production. You can choose HTS Wheel for a wide selection. In this section we will examine small wheels.

Product materials:

One of the things you should pay attention to when buying wheels is the material used in the wheels. This wheel must be of high quality and made of good materials. Because the wheels carry a lot of pressure and the entire weight of the device is applied to it.
The body of all wheels is made of high quality metal, the Roller production of these products is made of PP, PVC, Rubber and MMB.
Small fixed and swivel wheels in Code 151 to 158 are made of PVC coated MMB material, these Wheels are thermo coated.
Transparent wheels (138-139) are made of rubber, black wheels (136-137) are made of PP.
As you know, all the weight is given to the wheels, so the health, material and quality of the wheels are among the things to consider when purchasing. Some features of these products are listed below.
1. Quick-change feature
2. Due to the use of rubber in the production of these wheels, they have anti-wear properties
3. Shockproof
4. Quiet and smooth on the go

Wheel types:

1. Fixed wheels
2. Swivel wheels

Fixed wheels are attached to the suitcase or other device by means of a plate and two screws. These wheels do not spin and only move forward and backward. These wheels have a load carrying capacity between 15 and 25 kg, and these types of wheels are produced in diameters of 20, 28, 32 and 38 mm.

The second type of wheels, which are swivel wheels, are available in diameters of 28, 32 and 38 mm, which can carry a load of 20, 25 and 15 kg. Considering that it is rotating, it can rotate 360 ​​degrees. It is the most preferred by customers for table top. These products, which are most preferred by the customers due to the beauty of the product, also have a transparent version, and they are also available in different colors so that you can make the best choice for your home or business environment.
The price of the wheels is directly related to the model, size and materials used in the production of the product. These wheels are mostly preferred for carrying light loads.

Uses of small wheels:

Due to their small size, these wheels are mostly used in luggage and travel bags. Of course, due to the variety of products, these small wheels are used in furniture, furniture facades, coffee tables and wardrobe drawers. Thanks to its good material, it can move easily on all kinds of surfaces, especially carpet, tile and laminate, without being damaged. It facilitates the movement of the device in question by reducing friction.
A wheel is a round tool that has various uses; but its first and most important use is to reduce friction and facilitate movement. The wheel is one of the most basic and important inventions in human history. Objects can be moved faster and easier with the help of wheels. In this way, in most devices, caster is used for quick and easy transportation.

HTS Caster factory, with 38 years of brilliant history in the production of furniture caster and industrial wheels, is one of the leading manufacturers in Turkey, which was established in 1965 and started its business life. You can lighten your load by choosing HTS Caster.
It is a producer of all kinds of caster including furniture castors, office furniture castors, industrial castors, hospital castors, sofa wheels, industrial kitchen wheels, luggage wheels and furniture bases in Turkey. It is connected with most countries of the world. The wheels produced in this factory are of high quality due to the experience of the factory.

HTS Caster is the best choice for your furniture because they are made of the best materials. Also, the variety of products is so great that you can have a variety of choices. You can use furniture wheels in your home and office environment and give your home or workplace a desired environment, because by using these wheels, your furniture can be easily moved.

Furniture wheels in HTS Caster are produced in different dimensions, load bearing capacity, different materials and different colors. Also, with the change of these items, the price also changes.

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