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SICAM - where technology meets design
Crown Décor, a Royale Touche Laminates group company, a pioneer in the Indian market is a niche laminate brand from India. The group has more than 45 years of manufacturing experience with HPL products. The group has seven production lines with an achieved production capacity of more than 22 million square meters of HPL products per annum. Products are available in four different sizes and in multiple thicknesses as per the buyer's need.

The product verticals are Decorative Laminates, Compact Laminates for interior and exterior applications like Building facades/Cladding, Balconies, Verandah, Fences, and outdoor furniture like Benches Table Tops etc. We also offer antistatic laminates and playground laminates. HPL outdoor usages Deck Floor is another dynamic product having an antiskid surface ideally suitable for outdoor flooring application. We also produce Chemical Resistant compact laminates suitable for laboratory furniture production.

Our production facility is located in Ahmedabad, the capital city of Gujarat province in India. The factory has set stringent manufacturing standards backed up by in-house R&D process and certification. The products manufactured have Green Guard, Green Building, FSC, CE, EN438, Green Label, and Neema certifications. We offer fire-rated laminates in the test category of B-s1 and d0.

We have our presence in more than 60 countries around the globe including several developed countries like European Union, UK, USA, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong Middle East and South East Asian countries. The company also has warehouses and distribution points in Holland and Poland.

In the HPL verticals, we can offer what all you need. Customized production is also possible. We are a company on whom you can rely for Quality backed up by friendly customer service. Have European quality at Asian prices from us.
Greenlam Decolan founded 22 years ago by Dr. Giovanni Iurza (photo) is a leading European company in the HPL laminates industry.
It boasts a consolidated experience and know-how that allow it to have a careful and innovative Leadership in the "Green" decorative surfaces industry.

The value that drives the company is to encourage the process of innovation, sustainability and refinement of the service offered.
Today Greenlam Decolan is able to offer a wide range of laminates that are extremely diverse in structure and purpose.
These are laminates with high aesthetic impact and high standing in quality, design and safety.

Its exceptional craftsmanship, unsurpassed quality and quest for excellence enable it to effectively penetrate the European market, to which it brings a wealth of innovative technology and creative solutions that interpret the new requirements of safety, health and sustainability.

A plus also recognized by the numerous certifications awarded to the company and the product.

Since 2019, it has become part of the Greenlam Industries Limited Group, a company with a production capacity of 15.62 million sheets per year, which places it third in the world in terms of size, and which has always ensured the availability of high-quality laminates, designed and produced for a wide variety of destinations: from architecture to interior design, from health care to the world of schooling, from transportation to hospitality, from retail to kitchen and bathroom, to the Marine sector. The Group has a team of 3750 employees and a network of more than 14000 dealers and distributors who have contributed to maintaining a high level of product excellence and good brand reputation.