Fratelli Tasca Srl

Contact: Mr. Loris Tasca
Via Olivi 66
Italy - 31054 Possagno (TV)
Tel +39 0423 920129
Hall 10 - Stand B31

The Italian manufacturer of stainless steel sinks Fratelli TASCA, based in the homeland of the master sculptor Antonio Canova, draws inspiration from the creating process of the genius and names its most popular kitchen sink collection after the neoclassical artist.

Fratelli TASCA is a company with 50 years of tradition in stainless steel manufacturing, and specialising in the production high end stainless steel sinks for domestic kitchens.
It currently produces up to 10.000 stainless steel sinks per month, thanks to its modern machineries and to the mastery of its craftsmen.
The company has elected the village of Possagno (Treviso), the homeland of the neoclassical sculptor Antonio Canova (1757-1822), as location of its factory.
Canova is known all over the world for the perfection of his artworks, and actually his marble statues were the result of a long process of creation, beginning with a draft on paper, then translated into several clay and gypsum models. Only after this preparatory work Canova shaped the marble block using manual drills, chisel and special tools, created by the sculptor himself.
Soft bodies, light drapery and dynamic intertwinings took shape from the cold marble block, which was finally sanded and polished by the hand of the master sculptor.
Fratelli TASCA reminds to the unsurpassable mastery of Antonio Canova and to the tradition of Italian craftsmanship, by naming its collection of stainless steel sinks with inside radius 12mm after the illustrious sculptor born in Possagno.
The Canova series is a symbol of the brand TASCA Made in Italy, thanks to its clean and harmonius lines ; its minimalistic and elegant design reminds as an echo to the neoclassical concept « noble simplicity and quiet grandeur » . The regular thickness of 1mm and the homogene scotch brite finish on matt basis convey a solid aspect to these sinks, without mining their elegance.
No detail is left to chance : The rims are perfectly flat, ensuring an easy installation without problems ; Each dimension of the sink, from the width of the perimetral rims to the incline of the bowl bottom have been conceived to create a well-balanced and efficient product.
Connections between Tasca and the great artist are not a mere play on words, but concern all the production process, from the technical drawing to the manufacturing, in line with the Italian handcraft tradition.
Each TASCA sink is manufactured in Possagno and is the result of a well-studied process involving more than twenty different operations, carried out by the most modern machineries and monitored by the eye of a skilled team. State of the art machineries and robotized welding areas contribute to reduce the duration of production processes, leaving more time to the most important « engine » of the plant : handwork.
Like Canova's marble block after the first rough cut, the welded bowl undergoes several finishing operations carried out thanks to tools created in the factory workshop ; the welds are polished both manually and automatically, while the rims undergo a special sanding.

It is said that sometimes Canova went into his studio during the night, to inspect his works with an oil lamp. The night, with its ligh and dark contrast was an unscrupulous judge of his statues, highlighting the smallest imperfection. In the same way each TASCA sink undergo manual cleaning and is inspected under lamp light, to detect any visible defect, before leaving TASCA plant to spread the true Made in Italy around the world.