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Contrast, the new Viefe collection that starts a new era
Creativity and the impulse to innovate are a constant presence at Viefe, that's why, once again we'll be presenting some of our new designs for furniture accessories at the Sicam trade fair next 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st of October (hall 6, stand B14).

We invite you to come and find out about the finishes we apply and the products themselves which complement the best environments of 2023 and which will help to open a new era in the design of our brand. We'll be daring to go that little bit further with our network of unique designers and partners from around the world, giving character to all types of environments and making it possible so that each person is able to project their own personality via the use of knobs, handles and wall hooks which can be found in these environments.

Contrast is the culmination of a year of creativity in order to bring our designs into the most demanding of environments. Exclusivity, modernity and minimalism are some of the features that make this collection an eclectic element, apt for all types of characters who are demanding as regards finishes and quality. The materials, the new finishes and the most avant-garde designs adapt to all sorts of different tastes of lifestyles from people all over the world.

Widening our range of finishes and continuing with noble materials

Amongst some of our most relevant new design proposals, the introduction of new finishes such as brass for our most demanding projects, really stand out. The best sellers such as the Arpa, Arpa Plate, Luv or Angle models which are available in these new finishes, widen what we currently have on offer and offer a range of applications which are within the reach of any type of project. We have widened the collection of some of our most popular models with similar lines in wall hooks, unique products on the market to create intentionally homogeneous spaces.
The long handles with noble materials are once again a deliberate design commitment by Viefe via a unique and pioneering proposal, improving finishes, materials, lengths and the styles of this product. With this in mind, we present two new models in wood which follow the current fashion in bedrooms, changing rooms or any space which seeks to add warmth, balance and a feeling of peace.
Wood will definitely be one of the main protagonists, as well as the groundbreaking designs to generate that uniqueness which is required by the best interior designers and manufacturers of furniture he wish to offer exclusive quality and design.
In this pre-launch edition of the Contrast collection orders can be made for some of the products. The complete collection will be available at the beginning of January.