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Clever instrument down to the last detail
KWC KIO: Intelligent water use in the kitchen
- the fitting fits comfortably in the hand of both left- and right-handed users
- the silicone grip surfaces are non-slip and ensure a secure hold even for wet hands
- the complete water control (On/Off ( ) / quantity (+/-) / temperature (I/I)) is carried out with one hand
directly via the pull-out shower. The amount and temperature of the water can be set specifically each time or
or conveniently pre-programmed individually in three versions.
Basic setting
- In the basic setting, it is sufficient to press the blue cold water symbol or the red hot water symbol and the water flow is started
- the desired amount of water can be set very easily and precisely by means of +/-.
- another keystroke selects the temperature range COLD, HOT or in between
Individually programmed
- Water temperature and volume can be pre-programmed in three different settings.
settings. A short press on the On/Off key automatically lets the water flow in the first preset water temperature and quantity.
- touch'n'flow: touch 2x or 3 x and the other programmed water quantities will flow. The
makes the KWC KIO a veritable helper in everyday life. Just as easily and quickly it can be
or programmed to meet new needs.
Illuminated ring
- The illuminated ring provides visual information about the current water temperature or about running
programs. The selected temperature range is intuitively displayed from blue to red.
Change from sieve to laminar jet
- Takes place via the palm of the hand directly behind the shower head
Hygienic, bacteria-free spray modes
Switching from the hygienic, bacteria-free, clear laminar jet to the even, smooth yet powerful sieve jet is done by pressing the ergonomically arranged changeover button. A short press on the diverter is all it takes to wash the vegetables thoroughly but gently with the uniform sieve jet.