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The decorative market growing demand for low gloss surfaces and CPL products , lead to the development of Gentas G-Zero Flex .

Gentas during the last years produces Ultra Matt surfaces in our HPL lines ( Branded as Gentas ZERO )

The growing demand for CPL products in combination with Ultra Matt surface , leaded to the development of G-Zero Flex - A combined product produced in CPL and in Ultra Matt surface .

Standard CPL product is constructed from 2 main layers :

- Top Decorative surface : Constructed from decorative paper impregnated with Melamine resin
- Bottom core surface : Constructed from Kraft paper impregnated with Phenolic resin

As melamine surface yield inferior surface quality Vs. Acrylic surface , Gentas G-Zero Flex was developed in order to incorporate acrylic decorative surface and production in CPL line .

In order to do so , Special formulated acrylic resin combined with special production technique was developed and as a result , Gentas G-Zero Flex is available in a wide range of decors and a wide range of technical advantages .

G-Zero Flex CPL decorative surface feature the following advantages :

- Soft Ultra Matt surface
- Low gloss level ( down to gloss level 1.5 @ 60° )
- High Scratch resistance
- High abrasion resistance
- Post Formable laminate ( PF HGP grade )
- Available in sheet and / or rolls
- Superior resistance to household and industrial chemicals
- Finger Print Free
- High Micro Scratch resistance
- Self healing (thermal healing) the surface can be repaired in case of slight scratches
- Ultra Matt finger print free structured finishes

All the above advantages result from the unique surface quality that could not be achieved in case of standard CPL melamine base surface


- Home and Office furnitures
- Kitchen cabinets
- Table tops
- Cabnets
- Interior wall claddings
- Schools
- Hospitals and health care facilities
- Laboratories
- Restaurants
Furniture casters are essential components that make the furniture move. These small containers, which are attached to the legs of the furniture, can be easily moved without the need to lift and carry them. However, choosing the right furniture casters can be a bit daunting, as there are many factors to consider. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing the right furniture casters.

Type of furniture: Different types of furniture need special casters to facilitate easy movement. For example, office chairs require casters with swivel function that enable users to move effortlessly in different directions, also in chair casters normally use caster with pin connection. On the other hand, furniture such as couches or beds may need larger casters to support the weight and provide stability while moving.

Flooring: The best way to choose furniture casters depends on the type of flooring used in the environment. For example, wooden floors require soft rubber casters to prevent scratches, while carpets require larger casters for smooth movement. Therefore, when choosing a casters, the right casters should be selected for each floor, for this reason, the material of the casters should also be considered.

Load capacity: When choosing furniture casters, it is necessary to pay attention to the load capacity that they can bear. Each caster has a specific weight limit, and it's important to choose casters that can support the weight of the furniture without compromising performance or damaging the floors. Always check the load capacity rating provided by the manufacturer to ensure a safe and reliable solution.

Locking mechanism: Finally, consider the locking mechanism of the casters. Furniture with casters should have a locking mechanism to keep them in place when not in use and prevent them from rolling or causing accidents.

As a result, furniture casters are a small but essential component that can make a big difference in furniture mobility and comfort. For a wide selection and quality casters, please visit our furniture casters category.
We present our new FLYSCH drawer. This drawer is designed and manufactured in our facilities in Getaria (Spain/Europe). With it, we have sought maximum sustainability and competitiveness, thanks to the optimization of materials and production processes, without forgetting the most important thing: to adapt to the needs of our customers.

Our inspiration has been our land, rich in diversity but at the same time simple, with a very marked industrial DNA, integrated in its natural environment. The FLYSCH cliffs have led us to develop a straight and refined aesthetic, reminiscent of the strata of the earth.

The FLYSCH drawer is inspired by the shapes of our coastline. It offers 4 side heights and a wide range of depths, allowing it to be adapted to all household needs. Its 3D adjustment allows for a perfect fit, particularly in the case of high fronts. The two load capacities available (30 and 50 kgs) open up a wide range of possibilities for our customers, depending on the desired positioning.

The simple, streamlined design allows for adaptability, whatever the desired aesthetics. The standard colours allow them to be integrated into our customers' creations, without detracting from their prominence. Moreover, the local production and flexibility of our facilities offer the possibility of customising the colour of the sides.

As part of our commitment to sustainability and continuous improvement, we have prioritised the optimisation of components and the use of recycled materials. Likewise, our commitment to investment in new generation production lines ensures a high level of energy efficiency, together with the use of 100% certified energy from renewable sources. The choice of material suppliers has been made on the basis of this value, prioritising local and European partners.

FLYSCH has been conceived from the prism of circular economy and we are in the process of certifying it as a green label product.

With FLYSCH we offer our customers a European solution with a mid-range thin-walled drawer. Through this approach, we simplify the logistical life of our customers by offering a product with a stable supply chain. Our location in Europe allows us to adapt quickly to customer needs and socio-political situations, as well as ensuring stability in terms of currency.

Our ISO 9001 certified quality system and our membership of the European Committee for Standardisation provide assurance and confidence in the quality and specifications of our products, as well as the rigour of our quality assurance.

Manufacturing on new generation production lines allows us to optimise production costs, as well as regularity and stability in the manufacturing processes.

A complete range:
- A side design, inspired by the landscapes of our surroundings.
- 4 drawer heights, reminiscent of the strata of our FLYSCH coastline and therefore of our land.
- 8 depths, to always have the right and optimal size.
- 3 colours (and even more possibilities), to blend in with the furniture as it blends in with its surroundings.
- 2 types of back panels, wood or metal, to be able to combine all the different ways of building a piece of furniture.
- 2 load capacities, in order to always have the required level of quality.
- Delivery in kit or industrial packaging, because with FLYSCH we want to provide solutions to all our customers.
Inoxa è un'importante realtà industriale situata nel meraviglioso paesaggio del centro Italia, che offre al mercato dell'arredo cucina un'interessante e vasta gamma di prodotti. Produce accessori in filo metallico, legno, alluminio e materie plastiche per il settore dell'arredo cucina dal 1998, anno in cui nasce grazie alla pluriennale esperienza del suo titolare nel settore degli accessori in filo metallico. Il valore principale è sempre stato il rapporto con il cliente, il focus principale sull'ascolto e sulla trasformazione dei progetti in rapporti di fiducia, collaborazione e disponibilità. Inoxa, infatti, non solo produce sistemi estraibili e scorrevoli per completare l'ambiente cucina, ma anche per l'ambiente bagno e camera permettendo concretamente alle persone di migliorare l'organizzazione dei propri spazi grazie ad un team di professionisti che mettono la loro competenza, esperienza e disponibilità al servizio del progetto. L'azienda può contare su reparti specifici e tecnologicamente avanzati, impegnati nella ricerca del miglioramento continuo della qualità del prodotto. Le linee coordinate di accessori sono realizzate attraverso processi rigorosi sviluppati interamente all'interno dei due stabilimenti produttivi di Inoxa, dove l'attenzione è rivolta ad ogni dettaglio per esaudire le esigenze del cliente e raggiungere la sua soddisfazione. Inoxa ha ricevuto la certificazione 100% Made in Italy, che viene assegnata solo alle aziende che dimostrano che l'intero ciclo produttivo è svolto nel territorio italiano. La qualità Made in Italy dei prodotti Inoxa è riconosciuta anche all'estero, essendo l'azienda presente con successo in più di 50 paesi, europei ed extraeuropei.
Easy. Flexible. Secure

The LEHMANN Management Software LMS provides you:

intuitive management of access rights
a simple configuration of the LEHMANN RFID systems
a reduction of the administrative burden

The LEHMANN Management Software LMS is a software based on Windows® for assigning and managing access rights as well as for configuring the LEHMANN RFID systems. For example, define the operating mode (fixed assignment or free cabinet selection) for the individual RFID systems in your company and define the individual authorizations for your employees.

Permissions are presented in a user-friendly manner in a matrix view or in a list view. Due to the possibility of grouping, the authorizations can be assigned and also withdrawn not only for individual persons but also for a large number of transponders and / or RFID systems at the same time by a mouse click.

LMS users benefit from the intuitive handling and menu navigation. If required, assistant functions in the software support the LMS user by assigning new transponders or RFID systems. LMS users (e.g. facility or security managers) benefit from numerous functions for more efficient work and therefore time and cost savings.

The LEHMANN RFID systems offer you in conjunction with the LMS software a maximum security. For example, a lost transponder can easily be replaced with just a few mouse clicks. The lost or possibly stolen transponder is blocked at the previously authorized RFID systems. If required, a logging function can also be activated in the software that records activities at the RFID systems. Of course, in addition to the corresponding deletion functions of personal data, the software also offers further technical and organizational measures to enable the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to be implemented. The software is installed by the customer within their IT infrastructure, which means that all data remains in its responsibility.

Due to the modularity, the software can be optimally adapted to your requirements. As your business grows, the software with the RFID systems grows for optimal security. The software offers flexible application options for companies of all sizes: whether a single-user solution for smaller projects, or a company-wide network solution with several LMS users.

The data transfer from the software to the RFID systems does not take place with an expensive programming device! Initializing the RFID systems and configuration changes are performed with the LEHMANN Data Transfer app on an NFC-enabled smartphone (Android 4.4 and higher). Authorization changes can be written directly to the transponders using a USB desktop reader.
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