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Wide range of innovative products for interior solutions with exceptionally high quality manufactured and delivered to a client in time with professional service.

AGT Plus LLC is more than 5000 m2 of production space on a territory of 20,000 m2.

Own powerful production, equipped with modern high-tech equipment, allows us to make furniture facades and door blocks quickly and with high quality. Excellence in every small detail, technology, and highly individualized approach to each of our clients are key for us. We work for our clients!

To make our cooperation with a client more effective, we carefully choose a range of necessary materials as we know that a successful combination of colors and textures can totally change a premise, split space into zones, and make an interior unique and harmonious. Our first in Ukraine innovative project "UNIQUE STYLE" is a combination of furniture facades and interior doors with perfect precision of shades. Imagine how a baseboard comes to interior doors and wall panels with classic to ultramodern gloss outlook. All materials are in harmony with each other. It opens a wide range of opportunities to implement different design concepts and to emphasize on expansive technological and emotional proposals of our company.

AGT Plus LLC is an energetic and successful team of professionals that focused on continuous improvement and on new original ideas generation. Nowadays, more than 3,000 Ukrainian companies are among our clients, as we achieve successfully our mission - From Friends to Friends.

From Friends to Friends
The new technology that aligns trends, protects beauty and amplifies performance.
Antolini, the Italian brand synonymous with natural stone, research and innovation - a forerunner of cutting-edge technological trends, for Antolini, the term innovation means the instrument par excellence through which to introduce the world of interior design to the intrinsic beauty of natural stone; stimulating tastes and inspiring styles that exist in an ongoing process of mutation and transformation.

Throughout history, bright, shiny marble has granted splendor and magnificence to facings and surfaces, transmitting a spirit of sparkling luxury.

Today, a new scenario of décor is emerging, namely a matte finish that explores a more refined idea of elegance in its purest form. This trend in contemporary interiors towards a more natural look in intimate, relaxing and evocative spaces, achieves a heightened balance of sensory perceptions. One of the first to intercept and encourage this trend, Antolini has been perfecting more tactile finishes like Matt and Lether for all the stones in the collection. These surfaces - especially the latter - enhance the material, revealing its fine, intricate grain while generating a unique, silky tactile sensation.

The matt finishes of natural stones are the new terms of a language that is increasingly widespread in today's décor choices, for kitchen worktops and islands, facings of bathrooms and wall cabinets, desks and other horizontal or vertical surfaces.
As an expression of Antolini's constant research to develop technological solutions capable of influencing tastes, orienting and identifying trends, the company has created AZEROCAREPLUS.
AZEROCAREPLUS is an Antolini innovation that has been studied, researched and developed to protect the beauty and boost the performance of marble counters in Lether and Matt finishes inside the spaces of the home most threatened by the effects of various substances.

AZEROCAREPLUS represents a (R)evolution: the evolution, incorporation and development of the already revolutionary Azerocare process launched on the market by Antolini in 2016.

AZEROCAREPLUS is a high-tech process, tested in cycles of 24 hours, which provides marble, onyx and soft quartzite with protection against the stains and corrosion caused by contact with acidic substances.

AZEROCAREPLUS safeguards the beauty of the masterpieces of nature, offering lasting protection without altering the natural colors and characteristics of stone.

Anticorrosive, stain proof permanent, hygienic, ecological, ideal for contact with foods, easy to clean and subjected to 24-hour testing: these factors are all in the DNA of the technology of AZEROCAREPLUS, perfected by Antolini to make marble, onyx and soft quartzite - in the Lether and Matt finishes - become even more versatile materials, ready to meet the requirements of even the most creative and demanding designers and consumers.

Caring for surfaces through the creation of highly innovative processes, the Verona-based brand offers infinite aesthetic allure and serenity of everyday use to those who choose products from its vast, exclusive range of natural stones.

Antolini: the value of research is at the service of Mother Nature's masterpieces.
Yeşilova Holding, which has been processing aluminum since 1975, hosts works that add value to aluminum with its talented employees.

Yeşilova Holding, which has been processing aluminum, which has been described as the most environmentally friendly metal for more than 46 years, continues to use aluminum, which can be recycled endlessly, in different areas with the innovative perspective of its employees. Yeşilova Holding Board Member Yasemin Yeşilova mentioned that aluminum is a very valuable metal and said, "We have been intertwined with aluminum for many years. We are witnessing its journey from its raw form to a tangible product, and in this process, our scrap products come out. With our Industrial Design Specialist, Pelin Hanım, we thought about how we can evaluate this metal, which draws attention with its endless recyclability, and focused on a work that will be identified with Yeşilova". Yasemin Yeşilova continued her words as follows: "Ms. Pelin, He created the 'tree' symbol, which symbolizes Yeşilova's rootedness from past years. We thank him very much for this carefully prepared work."

Pelin Sezgin Güvenaltın, who is a graduate of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University and worked at Can Aluminum as Industrial Design Responsible, stated that she evaluated scrap/waste aluminum and said, "I thought about what kind of product could be produced by examining the scrap materials we have. In this context, by doing research on aluminum sculptures, I examined what kind of works have been done before and what kind of applications were built on them."

Güvenaltın, who stated that she wanted to create a work that represents Yeşilova's strength from the past, said, "I went through the tree design in order to reflect Yeşilova Holding, which comes from a deep-rooted past. I prepared the branches by bending the thin scraps, and for the trunk, I preferred perforated plates that can be bent. I can say that this work was prepared entirely by hand bending without the use of any tools. In the coming period, we will implement different studies in our other companies," he said.
Crown Décor, a Royale Touche Laminates group company, a pioneer in the Indian market is a niche laminate brand from India. The group has more than 45 years of manufacturing experience with HPL products. The group has seven production lines with an achieved production capacity of more than 22 million square meters of HPL products per annum. Products are available in four different sizes and in multiple thicknesses as per the buyer's need.

The product verticals are Decorative Laminates, Compact Laminates for interior and exterior applications like Building facades/Cladding, Balconies, Verandah, Fences, and outdoor furniture like Benches Table Tops etc. We also offer antistatic laminates and playground laminates. HPL outdoor usages Deck Floor is another dynamic product having an antiskid surface ideally suitable for outdoor flooring application. We also produce Chemical Resistant compact laminates suitable for laboratory furniture production.

Our production facility is located in Ahmedabad, the capital city of Gujarat province in India. The factory has set stringent manufacturing standards backed up by in-house R&D process and certification. The products manufactured have Green Guard, Green Building, FSC, CE, EN438, Green Label, and Neema certifications. We offer fire-rated laminates in the test category of B-s1 and d0.

We have our presence in more than 60 countries around the globe including several developed countries like European Union, UK, USA, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong Middle East and South East Asian countries. The company also has warehouses and distribution points in Holland and Poland.

In the HPL verticals, we can offer what all you need. Customized production is also possible. We are a company on whom you can rely for Quality backed up by friendly customer service. Have European quality at Asian prices from us.
Greenlam Decolan founded 22 years ago by Dr. Giovanni Iurza (photo) is a leading European company in the HPL laminates industry.
It boasts a consolidated experience and know-how that allow it to have a careful and innovative Leadership in the "Green" decorative surfaces industry.

The value that drives the company is to encourage the process of innovation, sustainability and refinement of the service offered.
Today Greenlam Decolan is able to offer a wide range of laminates that are extremely diverse in structure and purpose.
These are laminates with high aesthetic impact and high standing in quality, design and safety.

Its exceptional craftsmanship, unsurpassed quality and quest for excellence enable it to effectively penetrate the European market, to which it brings a wealth of innovative technology and creative solutions that interpret the new requirements of safety, health and sustainability.

A plus also recognized by the numerous certifications awarded to the company and the product.

Since 2019, it has become part of the Greenlam Industries Limited Group, a company with a production capacity of 15.62 million sheets per year, which places it third in the world in terms of size, and which has always ensured the availability of high-quality laminates, designed and produced for a wide variety of destinations: from architecture to interior design, from health care to the world of schooling, from transportation to hospitality, from retail to kitchen and bathroom, to the Marine sector. The Group has a team of 3750 employees and a network of more than 14000 dealers and distributors who have contributed to maintaining a high level of product excellence and good brand reputation.
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